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Vote For Bob!

I entered Bob & Midge's photo in a Pet photo Contest on SpayDayUsa.org.

His info:


ID: 1003132004

My pet is a: dog

How my pet improves my life:
Bob wondered up in our yard one day and he was skittish, then, but so sweet. He's a good watch dog and always greets us and makes us feel loved. He also takes good care of our kitty Midge. He thinks she is his baby! Bob always makes us smile!


You can search under the pet name: Bob or under the owner last name: Hill. The photo is of him and Midge a kitty laying in a planter. He's black & brown and she is a Calico.


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Type O Negative!

Copied and pasted from where SpiderBaby posted it.

Wesley was contacted by a reporter for the Clarion Ledger and
interviewed in October. The reporter misquoted him really bad and
combined 2 of the things he told her. Not very good, but we are in the
newspaper. I included some corrections. We would have posted this
sooner, but the reporter told him she'd let him know if/when the
article came out, since he did the interview for her story, and we
haven't heard from her. We don't get the Clarion Ledger so we just
found out about it a couple of days ago when I was searching for
paranormal stuff in the area.

His part:

"Sandersville resident Wesley Hill, 28, co-founded the Southern
Paranormal and Cryptozoological Society with his wife, Tiffany.

The former video store owner, who has a degree in automotive
technology, says a trip to Stuckey's bridge near Meridian left him
(He didn't say it puzzled him, he said it was interesting.)

According to legend, a man named Stuckey once owned an area hotel and
murdered his guests, so the townspeople hung him from the steel bridge
over the Chunky River.
(He said his neighbors not townspeople.)

"When we were there, the bridge jolted, like he was being hanged,"
Hill says. "And in the woods, it sounded like someone falling."
(He didn't say anything about someone falling. He said it sounded like
footsteps in the woods behind him.)

Hill says his investigations have strengthened his belief in the
afterlife and made him less afraid of the paranormal.
(He said he was NOT afraid of the paranormal, not "less afraid".)

"I'm not worried about the dead people," he says. "The live people are
the ones you have to worry about."
(This was misquoted, too, but close enough to what he said.)"

The whole article can be read at:


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